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House Party Classes

Current Classes for House Parties or Hosted at Chicken Coop Botanicals


Host a House Party! 

Choose a class to host at your home or bring your group to visit the Chicken Coop.

House Party host receives gift from Chicken Coop Botanicals,10% class discount  

There will be a pop up shop available for house parties (host receives 10% discount) 

No travel fee for classes held within 3 hours of Welches, Or

To book a party or ask questions email




Living from your heart/Find your Words: activities (reading, writing, interacting) and herbs to help you build resilience to be yourself, understand others, become a less judgmental human in this new world paradigm. (3hr) $40 includes handout, tea, snack and herbs. 5 person minimum

Healing in the Fray: Meet some herbs for our nervous system and holistic self care to calm the mind and body (3hr) $40 includes handout, tea, snack and herbs. 5 person minimum

Seasonal Eating: fresh foods should be eaten in season for your area to preserve your vital force and optimum health; talk on how this affects your health and energy level. Best way to preserve foods in season to gain the most health out of season. Recipes and tasting of foods for current season and tasting one food item that has been preserved in different ways. (3hr) $40 includes handouts, tea and foods for tasting.  5 person minimum

Tea, Tisane, Infusion and Decoction: A class to drink, blend and learn about the Tea plant and other Herbal concoctions. Includes sampling of different individual herbs to help you create a blend to take home, we will make sweet herbal biscuits to enjoy with our drinks. (3hr) $50 includes handout of recipes and resources, class samplings and tea blend to take home. 5 person minimum

Natural color play: A day with plant dyes for (wool, silk, linen and bamboo) yarns and/or cloth. We(4-6hr class time can be lengthened to includes more dye choices) Includes mordanted kit of yarns and cloth (we will do some mordanting in class as well), snack or light lunch, handout of recipes and resources. $95-$125 4 person minimum. Hosted at the Coop or a farm/garden appropriate to gather plants. Summer class 

 Indigo: History, growing, composting and use of the species for healing discussed as well as the art of creating an organic Indigo vat for use in Dyeing, Shibori and Katazome techniques on cloth. (6hr) $125 includes light lunch, handout with recipes, technique descriptions, supply resources, cloth and use of tools. 4 person minimum Warmer weather dependent.

Mother and Child Plant Play: Garden play through Gathering, Tasting, Planting, Observing, Making a Meal in any season (3hr) Any age child-Each child must have an adult as their partner during class- Hosted at the Coop. Includes garden treats, plant and seeds to take home, light meal, tea. $40 for adult/child combo. 4 adult minimum.

Mother and Child Color Play: Colorful and Edible Flowers and Herbs to pick, create color, weave, make sun tea, make and eat a collaborative salad. A summer class (3-4hr) 4 years and older-Each child must have an adult as their partner during class-Hosted at the Coop. Includes crafts to take home, light meal, tea and handout of ideas for garden activities with your kids. $40 for adult/child combo. 4 adult minimum.

Holistic Family: Foraging and games in the meadow and garden to learn beginning Botany, make a tea, infused honey and lip balm, forage and make lunch to eat in the garden. (4hr) 6 years and older-Each child must have an adult as their partner during class-Hosted at the Coop. Includes products made, lunch, Botany cards. $50 for adult/child combo. 4 adult minimum

Introduction to a Plant: Who are your plant teachers—we each have plants we connect to. This class helps you find those teachers/plant allies and make that connection through meditation, the five senses, journaling.  (4hr) $50 includes handout, herbs, tea and snack. Hosted at Chicken Coop Botanicals. 4 person minimum

Deep dive with a Plant: Eating, Healing and Craft to learn about a single plant. A template of skills that can be used to learn about future plants. This is a total immersion into just one plant (to be decided upon with the host). We will look at it in the wild if possible, use our 5 senses to interact with and experience the many aspects of a plant’s personality. (6hr) Includes handout of history and recipes for what we make, all creations we make, light lunch, tea, snack. $95 5 person minimum

Holistic Herbalism 101: What does it mean to be an herbalist? It took me many years to realize that by making and using a simple salve for family scrapes and scratches I was an herbalist. To cook with medicinal plants, to grow and use herbs, each of these activities make you an herbalist. In this class we will talk about some basic tenets of Herbalism and what it means to be a Holistic Herbalist. We will talk about different types of herbal “medicines” and make three basic herbal products for you to use at home, make and eat a seasonal lunch and discuss alterations to the meal based on different health needs. (6hr) $95 includes handout of basic tenets, resources and recipes, herbal products we make, lunch. 4 person minimum.

Holistic Herbalism 102: Know Thy Self. Each student will fill out an intake before class. Through this lens you will learn how to listen to your own body to discover what are your best foods, lifestyle changes for healing, which ways to take in herbs when your body feels dis-ease. This builds on the previous class. We will look at Constitutional health, make a tonic specifically tailored to each student, create a meal that has everyone in mind as you begin to see how you might bring these skills into your home life. (6hr) $125 includes Intake, Constitutional and Astrological readings, recipes, herbal tonic, lunch. 4 person minimum.

Holistic Herbalism 103: A continued class in the series. Must take Holistic Herbalism 102, group discusses what topics to continue on diving deeper as we look at each student individually. (6hr) $95-$125 depending on topics and activities.

Flow of the Moon: Life lived within a lunar cycle, Charting a monthly rhythm, Mythos of Luna, Ritual of the moons, planting, making and taking medicine by the moon. (4hr) $50 includes handout, Moon chart, ritual items made in class, a potion made in class, tea and snacks. 5 person minimum

Esoteric Healing tools: Dive deep with the more esoteric healing tools of Tarot and other Oracles, Potion making, Astrology, learning about Your Constitutional Planets. (6hr) $95 includes handout with recipes, charts, tarot spreads and resources, tea, lunch, journal, potionand anointing oil made in class. 4 person minimum

Daily Rituals for Healing: bathes, altars and journaling. We’ll be making bath salt blends, body oils and incense, choose stones and candle colors as we look at their meanings in relation to the planets, plants, time of life, create rituals, draw a circle, write from some journaling prompts we create as a group. (6hr) $95 includes handout of recipes, ritual and journal prompt ideas, items we create in class, lunch and tea. 4 person minimum

Eat your weeds/City foraging: Learn about the healing plants around you. Includes making a light meal from what we have found as we walk about your area. $40 includes handout information about common plants of the area and recipes, lunch and tea. (3hr) 5 person minimum

Grow your own Medicine: Planning, tasting, sourcing and creating the right habitat for each plant to show it’s highest energy. Part of this process is to look at what a person wants from the plant and deciding if there is an indigenous plant that does the same, companion planting and edible landscaping. (4hr) $40 includes handout with information and resources to plan you medicinal garden (these skills can easily be used for any garden planning), snack and tea. Hosted at the Coop. 5 person minimum

Forest Foraging 1: Mushrooms for food, healing and dye. Begins at the Coop where we will discuss the ethics and safety of wildcrafting. Then we will venture into the forest for foraging and return with our (hopeful) bounty for lunch, making medicine and creating a dye bath for prepared cloth. (6hr) $95 includes foraging time, lunch, herbal products made in class, dyed cloth. Drive time to mushroom foraging depends on time of year and weather. 4 person minimum

Forest Foraging 2: Learn plants and their uses within their forest community and how that translates to healing our bodies. Includes some beginning Botany identification tools and Wildcrafting ethics. Begins at the Coop where we will discuss the ethics and safety of wildcrafting. Then we will take a short drive into the forest where we will observe, taste, possibly harvest, eat our prepared lunch (weather dependent). Upon returning to the Coop we will make three herbal products from what we have gathered. (6hr) $95 includes forest time, handout with information on plants and trees of the area and there uses, lunch, herbal products made in class, tea.


                Weekend Events

(based on Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon)

Combination of classes from above can be worked into a custom weekend event.

Weekend prices to be discussed based on amount of students and travel expenses

Cooking classes and evening activities can be woven into these classes 


An Esoteric Weekend: Daily Rituals/Esoteric Healing Tools/Flow of the Moon 

A Deep Dive Weekend with a few Plant Friends: Introduction to Journeying with a Plant/Eating, Healing and Craft/Creative play with plant as your inspiration (writing, artistic expression and textile craft)  

Natural Color Play Weekend: Dyeing yarn and cloth with plant dyes/Creating and Using Natural plant inks and pigments/The art of creating an Indigo vat for use in Dyeing, Shibori and Katazome techniques on cloth 

Maiden, Mother, Crone Weekend: Exploring each time of life individually through play, health and ritual/As Archetypes throughout our lives/ How we can learn from each other through better communication and connection/Strong Women no matter our age-Wemoon as activists