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Mentorships and Apprenticeship

In Person Learning Opportunities with Chicken Coop Botanicals

Each of these Mentorships and the Apprenticeship is an ongoing program. Dedicate yourself to this for as long as you like or use this as a jumping off point to another opportunity. Cost is $125 a month (must commit to one month minimum). We will discuss schedule individually. Any program can be added as time continues and there is room. In addition to below descriptions bed and meals included when staying at Chicken Coop Botanicals. Additions to learning opportunities will be added as it seems appropriate to each individual. I approach basics systematically. However, many skills and lessons come in an organic manner and within the seasonal patterns of nature.

None of these programs offer a live in situation. However, for those traveling here monthly from a distance or we have a several day project there is a place to sleep and at anytime  we invite students to share our meals.

Email us at for an application



Mentorship in Herbalism

  • Weekly Wildcrafting/Foraging with followup processing and different types of preserving
  • Introduction to NW Materia Medica through foraging, botany, meditation/journey work, uses, philosophy of terroir, working with intention and resiprosity 
  • Build your Apothecary with products we make
  • Beginning a Materia Medica card file for all plants studied
  • Begin a Herbal Resource and Library 
  • Create your own Herbal recipe/experience journal
  • Learn Herbal Actions, Energenics, Body Systems
  • Assist in Classes and at Events (as an assistant and student)


Mentorship in Alchemy

  • All Mentorship in Herbalism opportunities
  • Study the lineage of the Physio-Medicalist tradition through the lens of As Above, So Below
  • Begin to make Spagyric tinctures by assisting at Chicken Coop Botanicals


Mentorship in Magical Herbalism

  • All Mentorship in Herbalism opportunities 
  • Making Flower Essences
  • Working with crystals and stones
  • Working with the flow of the Moon
  • Basic energy healing
  • Tarot as a healing tool
  • Beginning Astro-Herbalism
  • Green Witchcraft


Apprenticeship at Chicken Coop Botanicals

  • All Mentorship in Herbalism opportunities
  • Working in the gardens (planning, planting, greenhouse starts, orchard work, composting, working with the moon, learning the jobs of the seasons)
  • Bringing the wild medicines into the garden
  • Basic cooking techniques and traditions
  • Cooking from the garden/land (including preserving the season)
  • Food as medicine
  • Other sustainable life skills (small farm animal care, building and designing new garden spaces with wood and plant choices)
  • Craft skills of knitting, spinning and natural dyeing can be added