After a week of doing

The harvest bug really grabbed me this month. Last week in particular I just needed to constantly be working with my hands. And this didn't include a pen or computer. We killed and roasted a goose (yum!), I baked bread, taught knitters and spinners new skills, had a spinning date, sheared rabbits, picked apples, juicing quite a lot of them and knit the evenings away.Today I'll be teaching more spinners, but I really feel the pull of the pen as well. For me the keyboard does not take the place of pen and paper. My thoughts flow more easily when putting pen to paper. I am adding stories to the Community Sock Club ebook right now. For one that has a terrible memory I really have to be in the flow for it all to come back. We had 12 lunches over two years and I want to share some of our fun with you in this ebook. Other writing includes articles for the upcoming Omnibus Newsletter. While sharing a name with this blog it will be more extensive in its articles, patterns and recipes. I had hoped to create a monthly missive, but I realize I can not create patterns on a monthly basis when I also have ebook and bound book pattern projects in the works. So I think continuing to write here and publishing a quarterly extension will be a fun exercise. The first issue will end the year with holiday patterns, celebration foods, a book review and other articles to keep you entertained while you sit by a warm fire on a cold night.

As I write you now I am cooking some black beans and the fragrance is wonderful! We received a gift of Antelope steak which will become a ragu this evening to go with the black beans, some wild rice and home baked bread. Teaching mid-afternoon tends to mess with a dinner schedule. By having the beans cooked ahead I can just stir them into the ragu I'll make when I return home. The bread was proofed over night and baked first thing this morning. This house has been very fragrant today:) It is possible to eat well and work at the same time, but it does take planning. My husband's afternoon project will be to smoke ham hocks for winter soups and lamb shanks for tomorrow night's meal. More on that later.