Holidays not Holidaze

I have made a big decision over the last week.  I am going to fully enjoy the holidays with my family this year.  You might say well, duh...but what I mean is that I am going to be completely present and not try to work like a crazy person to meet the writing and designing deadlines I had set for myself this month.

A few days ago I met up with a friend and we did some shopping , some visiting over lunch and then sat spinning with a couple of other friends.  It was wonderful.  Something we realized we have never made time for with each other.  I had been leaning this way for a while, but this solidified it.  When I made a statement of intention to my husband he looked so surprised--he thought we had already decided to do that and had put off big projects until January.  I guess I'm just a little slow;)

So I am enjoying my baking time, my knitting time and very soon actually making time to sit down and write holiday cards.  Yesterday I took my mother-in-law shopping for gifts as she is really ill this season.  We visited with friends along the way and it was good:)

Not that I am not still selling my 2012 Datebook (makes a great holiday gift!) and I will be signing those at All About Yarn next Saturday morning at 10am.  The trunk show will be at the shop all next week.

As to my deadline?  I am going to finish putting PAD to bed this month and start January off with a clean slate.  Last weekend I attended a workshop with Jacey Boggs.  She mentioned several times that both she and her husband have set studio times.  I need to figure out that kind of a schedule.  And I really need to wait until after the holidays to decide what that schedule is.  I am picking up some dessert shifts at Gino's in January.  I'm excited to get back to baking on a regular basis.  And it is always so much better when all the baked goods are not ending up on my hips;)  Writing/Designing and baking are getting companions.  The baking position is a solitary one giving me a creative time to think of other things as well and the items I am working on.  I always keep a notebook nearby in case an idea pops into my head.

And you?  What does the rest of your month look like?  Do you have the flexibility to make some changes to your schedule?