Holiday gifts

I made the decision to concentrate on family and slowing down this month. And have three rather large holiday knits to show for it. Of course I can't share most of those yet as they have not been received. One has and that's what we should concentrate on.

20111220-095827.jpg This is my mom in her Diminishing Ribs (see IK spring 2009 cover) cardigan. I used Lorna's Laces shepherds worsted yarn (in Camoflage) which made it soft but not as structured. Mom will be adding a shawl pin for closure. In 2009 I gifted her a subscription to IK and when she saw this she wanted to knit it right away. As her skill set isn't there I thought I'd surprise her (eventually) with said cardi. She loved it. As with most modern families the holidays aren't always celebrated on a specific date. I actually like that. Not as much pressure or time driving between houses. When you are with each group of loved ones you can concentrate on those people and not wonder when you should hit the road to get to the next event. This year I along with my mom, sis and nieces celebrated with a wonderful tea at the Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland. We haven't done this for years. It was festive and tasty and we fully enjoyed the moment.


I am keeping these thoughts in mind as I decide not to cram several last minute knits into the queue. I am going to enjoy baking and readying my house for the weekend. I always have a last minute stop at Powell's Books (so lucky to live near this wonderful store) to finish up gift buying needs and then running around Thursday to pick up pre-ordered foods for the weekend. One of these errands is to gather the holiday Bonet from my husband's god-mother. Each year she makes this Amaretti custard cake for my fil. We all love the tradition as we get a share on Christmas day.

What are you doing this week? Keeping with tradition or starting new ones?