Winter wonderland

20120120-104109.jpg The geese are experiencing a new adventure here on my little bit of Mt Hood. This photo was taken at the beginning of the snowfall. By the time the weather turned to rain we had 3ft total and only the ducks were having fun.It came down so fast we lost the gutter on the front of the house and a garden shed that started to fall last winter is now just barely off the ground. I don't even want to talk about the truck bumper (I was happy not to be anywhere near the scene). We had our first big power outage of the year with these back to back storms. And I realized the hard way that I was not prepared. This is the first year since we've been up here that I haven't been ready for winter. By ready I mean having a lb of ground coffee on hand (mortar and pestle to the rescue), candles on every important counter (burned them all Christmas eve) and water jugs full (melted snow for above coffee and the rabbit bottles. While I am surprised at myself I have to say that this month I have been ill with a series of things and the only thing I've been thinking of is warmth. So I was quite happy that my wood pile was well stacked and dry. We did not freeze this week! I am now getting everything else in order as this is probably just the beginning of a series of winter storms for us until Spring arrives. One of those things to get in order is to start a knit project on larger needles. Kitting socks on size 1 needles by candle light just doesn't work for me anymore;) Last night I cast on for the Pix Shawl with BMFA bfl sport (yum!) in a rare gems gray/black. This easy pattern knit with #8 needles is just the ticket for winter knitting and taking a break from the small needles. I'm starting to get my shawl wardrobe ready for Madrona!! More on that later;) Stay warm and prepare for winter (whatever that means in your part of the world).