A final post from the island

As I sit here watching a storm roll my mind is already moving through the long list of errands, work and projects awaiting me at home. This is when I have to stop myself and just be in the moment.I will really miss going to sleep listening to the ocean breaking on the cliffs. Especially these last few nights where it is combined with huge storms. Crazy, but I sleep best this way. We really enjoyed this trip and our time spent together outside our daily routine. I think we had to remind ourselves how much fun we have traveling together. There were some big issues that were not talked about on this trip. That's okay. I think we just really needed to play:) My writing everyday did not happen. Although the last couple days a couple of great spinning class ideas snuck into my head and I am ready to have a few 10min a day sessions. Writing, spinning and reading some poetry all need to be in the 10min a day rotation. They always work into bigger chunks of the day when started there. Are you starting seeds indoors this month? Tomorrow and the next day are best for getting strong seedlings. I am dying to garden but my house has been accruing snow rather than sunshine while we've been away. I will vicariously enjoy others.