Nose to the grind stone

Back from vacation and spent last week shearing rabbits, baking desserts and catching up out at Blue Moon.  Today I updated my teaching schedule (check out the Classes page).  I like this grind stone of mine.  Lots of good work to do.

I'll be working on some spinning homework later this week.  I haven't been keeping up on a daily routine since I changed my furniture around in the livingroom.  Not a good change if it takes creativity out of the room.  I've brought my smaller wheel home so that I can find a little corner for it to begin a color work project out of a Jacob fleece that is really ready to become something special.  I washed a baby bfl fleece last week to begin to spin for a Pi shawl.  We won't discuss that debacle here.  It's a story for the podcast.

And where is that podcast you may be wandering.  Well it is about to come out of hiatus.  I needed a break for several reasons, but at the end of the week I'll be back with lots of stories.