Brushing away the Cobwebs

That title works both literally and figuratively for today and the coming weekend. I have been feeling a certain Malaise the last couple of months. Not so in the work area, but at home I am not getting as many of my own projects done as I'd like. I have a list of must-dos that I find myself putting off constantly. I now realize that a full on spring cleaning will really make a difference in this overwhelming lethargy.So guess what's happening around here over the next few days. And when I say spring cleaning I mean the barn as well. Early spring means muddy hay on the mt and we have so much it is overwhelming. I have the straw and hay ready to go in and make those birds happy again:) In the creative area I was led to this site via Lolly. I was sitting here thinking I feel like writing today and read about Sara Selecky just a few minutes later. Love that! The snow melting helps lift the cobwebs, but really a clean and open environment will bring creativity flowing in. There are stories to write, designs to create and I want my spinning mojo back! And you? Do you need to lift the creative cobwebs? How are you doing it?