Classes in the Gorge

It has been a while hasn't it? I get so immersed in my day to day I forget that I'd like to chronicle some of the more special moments (or the silly ones) here. This weekend has been extra special. Year two of the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival in Hood River, Or. The marketplace has doubled, the class offerings increased and the weather has improved greatly from last year.I've been teaching four classes this weekend--a series that bring a sheep fleece to a garment. Yesterday students experimented with different ways to prepare the fiber for spinning and began to experiment with spinning singles that worked for their projects. This morning they created their final yarn and went on a marketplace "field trip". When we returned from lunch today we had a relaxing afternoon continuing to create a final yarn and swatching to see how these yarns would fit into a specific project. I really enjoyed the students and appreciated the fact that they each came with a different set of goals. We all learn from one another in these situations.