Color Infection

Have you caught the infection yet? Tina came back from Sock Camp with the disease and passed it along to me. And now I just can't shake it. Veera Välimäki has a wonderful way of designing simple projects with a lot of interest to them. The Color Affection shawl is a great example of this. I couldn't put down this project over the weekend. In fact last night, as I was watching Dr. Who, I looked down to see that yes I was knitting and kind of forgot I was. lolIf you saw the post from Sock Camp on the Yarn Harlot's blog you know that the infection spread like wild fire with STR lightweight. Tina and I went to the barn late last week to choose our colors and the Silkie STR just kept calling. She chose her colors and then a second set of three. I snapped those right up and went home to cast on. This is a quickie. I expect to be done by the weekend.