Creating Happiness

Now there's a title. What's going through my mind right now is more the creating portion of that title. I looked at the last time I posted and realized I missed an entire month. I'm so proud of that:) Cause I was out creating...happinessI have been filling in for a dyer at Blue Moon Fiber Arts which creates happiness for more people than just myself. In my free time I've been digging in the garden--creating future happiness for my tummy. It's a good feeling to be so physical. I felt like I spent a lot of time on the couch and on the computer during the late fall and to some extent in the early winter months (heck for the last 2 years). Now I'm looking for a good balance. I'm not quite ready to throw out the tech;) I've been writing a bit. You know, actual writing. With a pen. And paper. I have an idea! A collaboration with my niece. It's about family and food and relationships and how different artists interpret the same ideas. It's great to get the juices moving again. And that garden? Well, it's big. There is a raised bed for the salad bowl; a raised bed of onions, radish, turnips and beets of two colors; a raised bed of hardy greens and Italian parsley (we use a lot of parsley in this family); two raised beds of basil (for the family and the restaurant); a raised of medicinal herbs; a raised bed for strawberries, a raised bed for asparagus and their friend Beebalm; a raised bed for daily herbs and a rock garden full of more esoteric culinary and medicinal herbs. Then there is the garden;) I've planted snap peas, shell peas, different types of carrots, pole beans and various bush beans, eggplant and peppers, broccoli and cauliflower, potatoes and sunchokes, three different cucumbers, a variety of squash and pumpkins, then there are dahlias, lilies and sweet peas on the edges. Plus, the husband has some beautiful roses and clematis all along the borders. Did I mention the rows of blue and raspberries? Yes, I will be spending a good part of the summer weeding and no you did not see tomatoes on the list. I have finally accepted the fact that tomatoes can not grow on this mountain. I'm happy that there are plenty in the community garden at Blue Moon and if this weather does what I think it will this year I can count on plenty being delivered by the farmers we contract with at Gino's. I am looking forward to lots of preserving this summer! And all the fresh eating has already begun. Last night we enjoyed chicken, greens and green garlic in a red chili and coconut curry; followed by a lettuce and herb salad. There is more to add to list of what I've been up to--knitting, spinning and some dyeing. But I'm thinking to share a bit of each during some specified days of the week. Themes do help me focus when it comes to writing. Plus there is a vacation coming up! Travel log anyone:)