On Tuesdays--Spinning!

Well it's time for TdF and I don't mean Tour de France people. That's right, in the fiber world there is an event called Tour de Fleece. An event that coincides with the famous biking race, but those participating have set themselves the goal of spinning a yarn or two. This year my challenge is to finish up a lagging spindle project. This is only 4 oz of fiber, but I tend to spin more on my wheel than on spindles and I want to change that practice. To that end I recently made two tool purchases. A plying spindle by Tracy Eichheim (A beautiful dragon that weighs 1.8 oz) and a Spindle Kate from KCL Woods. I have Turkish spindles (to be reviewed soon) that it's easy to ply back on to the spindle with a bobbin of singles, but I have wanted to have this set up for a while now. I like the idea of filling two high whorl spindles with singles and then put them on a kate as I would if I was using a wheel and create a two ply yarn with the heavier spindle. The "Dragon" is not specifically a plying spindle. However, my comfort weights for spinning singles are in the .7 or .8 oz range so this heavier one is going to be perfect. I have a lovely Lantern Moon bag for this project's storage and travel. I've just gotten to the point that I don't enjoy hauling a wheel around. That is when spindles are so very useful. And what a relaxing project to work on here at the coast.So back to TdF--The project I'm working on this week is 4 oz of hand dyed Falkland wool spun with a worsted weight yarn in mind. My husband wants a hat and I'm thinking of a simple twisted rib and stockinette cap. The Falkland wears well, but will be a bit lighter than the cashmere hats or bulkier yarn knits he wears during our cold winter months on the mountain. I'll slip in some photos through out other posts this week as the spinning progresses. Are you spinning? What's on your wheel or spindles? Who are you favorite woodworkers? This is my first Wooly Designs spindle (Tracy's company) so I'll be reviewing as I work on this plying project. I'll be doing some spindle and other tool reviews as the summer progresses. Right now? I gotta go spin!