It's Wednesday! Let's have a garden talk

First of all, Happy Fourth of July to all Americans. We will be celebrating with a traditional bbq and fireworks on the beach. We've heard that Long Beach has an amazing fireworks show. This is our first time out so I shall report back.Wednesdays will be a regular talk of gardens and plants and herbal lore. Today, today I am tired. So talk today is about the simple pleasure of a raised bed full of lettuces. We really enlarged our garden this year, but we always have one bed that is a giant salad bowl. This year included are six different varieties of green and red leaf lettuces, shunkigu, cress, a lacey red mustard, mache and nasturium. There are a few onions placed here and there as they help each other with growth and keeping the bugs away. We've been eating salads from this bed since April. Always replanting as we take bigger heads out. We also have cilantro tucked in here. It's the perfect spot so that it doesn't bolt. For this week we were able to bring out a garbage bag full for fresh salads everyday. When it comes to salad I love mixing in a huge variety of herbs and edible flowers. Hmmmm, I have made myself hungry. Time to move on with the day. A large salad will be in order for today. Have a wonderful time with your family and friends!