What have you written lately?

I have been inspired by two websites recently that are geared towards giving writers prompts. Both are trying to help create a pattern of writing everyday. The first is Sarah Selecky's program. She emails out a free writing prompt every day or so. The second is Cynthia Morris's site. She sends out bits of advice to help writers get to the next step or out of slumps. Both have ecourses. Each has a slightly different style. I like them both and no I haven't used any of the prompts. For me it is a reminder that I need to get writing with my own ideas. But I have an email file with many of the prompts and emailed advice for when I do get stuck. I am not writing a lot due to the need for a private space which there has not been in abundance this week. However, we are heading home today and my personal goal for the next week is to carve out that time and space. Writing in your head is good, but it don't pay the rent. hahaI've also found a wonderful and inspiring new magazine/journal that I love. Taproot is full of stories and essays and not full of advertising or product placement. There is usually one pull out ad that is for something that coordinates with the issue. It is about people that made lifestyle changing decisions to move out of the city or to stay on the farm. It is about food, soil, family, meaningful living. I found it at our natural food store. But I'm hooked and will be subscribing. Check it out. More reading--I have re-discovered the Foxfire books. Three books that are a compilation of a magazine series created by a high school class in the mid to late 1960s. The teacher inspired them to learn by sending them out to interview their elder relatives which then led them farther and farther into the hills of Georgia. This is a photographer of a disappeared americana. Some of the stories and interviews include complete descriptions of building tools or how they spun and wove materials. Some are interviews about their way of life; how they grew up. The interviews were often recorded and were not changed at all. You hear the person's voice in the words. I found them recently as I was wondering through Powell's Books. Another reason I feel pretty lucky to live near Portland. I was shocked (happily so) to find, that when I went looking for the Foxfire link, the magazine is still in production! I am definitely going to be looking into newer issues. It is such a wonderful program for the students and really one for us as well. If you know me you know I love the old ways. Here is a wonderful chronicle of just that! Later today we head home, but for now I'll be picking up my notebook and pen.