And yesterday was about gardening

Just in the garden;) Tuesday I wasn't sitting at the spinning wheel I was baking deserts at Gino's and having a terrific afternoon and evening out at Blue Moon Fiber Arts.And yesterday I spent about 8 hours out in the garden. Today was more of the same. I just kept finding more and more jobs. Weeding was a lot of it of course, but also some harvesting, decisions on which plants to let go crazy and which to start pulling out or cutting back allowing more sun on other plants(the sunchokes lost that battle), planting more bush beans since the first batch failed to show and just plain enjoying the view around us. Today as I was adding in a couple of new plants I looked up to realize I had an audience--one cat, 3 geese, a butterfly and a deer couple out on a date. These are the moments that I realize how special this spot of ours is up on the mountain. Tonight the preservation of the harvest has begun--blueberry and rose geranium jam, candied angelica stems and spearmint syrup. We enjoyed some spring preservation for dinner as well with preserved lemon on pan fried petrale sole. More a recipe for tonight's dinner will be coming soon.