What defines us?

Sometimes you just wake up thinking about the deep meanings of life.In the shower this morning I had all kinds of images of my life flowing through my head (not quite awake). And it got me thinking are these the things that define me? Can others define us? I feel very defined by my two maternal grandmothers. I am a nature vs. nurture child and both adoptive and natural grandmothers have left their mark. I know where my creativity comes from, my love of the garden, my love of craft and handwork. What else defines who I am? Obviously my experiences and what I make of them. I've been listening to a book recently where a young woman who is defined by the experiences she has with her father (a man stuck in the past) marries a man that is only forward looking. So do we allow others to define us? Of course it is easy to do so. I try very hard not to fall into that pattern. But we learn from other people along the way and that does begin to define and mold who we already are. If that were not the case I wouldn't have such a deep love of food and the politics that go with food. hmmmmm, I'll be out in the dye barn deep in my head today. On a lighter note....oh that's tomorrow:)