And on a lighter note

Counter Balance StoleThis weekend there is color. Lots of color. Blue Moon is having a huge sale this weekend and dye stations to create your own fabulous colorways on yarn or spinning fiber. I've been out manning the indigo vat. Yesterday was glorious. I was in my natural dyeing element:) It was hot, I was blue and so was the yarn...t-shirts...a skirt...some fiber. All the photos are on my phone which is dead. I'll add some though cause this has been so much fun. If you are in the area come on out! We still have lots of yarn to sell, dye and chat about. Bring your knitting--I loved that knitters were sitting by the fire pit while I dipped and dipped. And this is a potent batch of indigo. I think my hands will be blue for quite some time. I love it! My knitting is progressing quite well. You know if you're not hearing from me I'm off creating something (even if it isn't the podcast) Here are a few pics of works in progress. I hope you are all keeping safe in the heat if you have it and I'm sorry if you don't;)