The busy season is upon us

I have been cooking and preserving like crazy! Jams, salsa verde, chutney later today, poultry broths and then there is the replanting. I find that I can easily talk about food and craft here, but one gets lost in the other. And really, I am just not one to follow a schedule. You may have figured that out already;)

So, I've started a new blog just for food. Garden~Larder~Table begins today.

Along with another rather large project--we have spent the last week redesigning our house in anticipation of my father joining us up on the mountain. He has Parkinson's disease and has been in a retirement home for the last couple years. He has reached that point where he needs help, but not constant. So you'll be hearing a lot about about our experiences.

This obviously changes things for my life schedule, but it does give me time at home for lots of the activities I shared in my last post. The Alabama Chanin package has arrived and I'm excited to jump in. However, I am going to check this out first so I don't ruin the beautiful moss colored jersey that came in the sewing primer kit.

As part of the process of getting the house and our lives ready for this change I've decided to let go of the bunnies. The first little boy went to his new home last night. Two others are also spoken for so four more are looking for good homes. Need a spinning pet in your life?

We have been going crazy with redesigning how the house is going to look and in the process created this beautiful writing area behind the tv. I think this is going to be a wonderful time for all of us.