A tired Sunday morning

Well we are getting settled into a new routine here on my little bit of Mt Hood. My father is now living with us which really changed my schedule and most of our activities. In a good way though. We are happy to have him and help him live a full life. My dad has Parkinson's so there are new challenges in the house. And is a trying hard not to be stubborn about what he thinks he can do while we are trying not to be stubborn about what we are sure he can't. While this is our daily focus we are also having one of the best Autumns in our time of living on this mountain. The garden harvest this year is amazing! Of course it is the first year I decided we couldn't grow tomatoes and we could have this year. Happily our local nursery threw some plants in the ground so we are buying their harvest for a super reasonable price. My feet are killing me as I'm glued to the kitchen in preservation mode. I love that kind of tiredness at the end of the day. My heart feels full with all I've accomplished and the full, happy house we have. You never realize how much you miss having your kids in the house until a parent moves in later in life.

What's been cooking you ask? Blackberry/Huckleberry jam, golden raspberry syrup, Marinara for the freezer, basil pesto for the freezer, carrot quinoa soup and broccoli potato soup (also in the freezer. Today will be more berry jam, plum butter, spicy carrots, squash relish and cauliflower soup. My freezer is so full that I have overflowed into my inlaw's lift top. They are pretty pleased with that;) I need to find a new spot for the canned goods as my small shelving area is fast becoming quite full as well.

I am also tired as I had one last hurrah Friday night and went to a concert with a dear friend. Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra were absolutely amazing! Performance art and a rock concert all rolled into a terrific 5 hours! But I sure realized that I can't do that and be on the next day. I hate this getting old thing. blah If you have a chance to see Amanda don't miss it! And don't overlook music by her band members. They are one talented group.

There will be a podcast coming soon. I have lots to share about life as it has become, new projects outside and in, the amazing fleece I picked up at OFFF last weekend and the big December trip!

Now I gotta get that stove a rolling and then get out to the garden so I can clean out some more garden beds.