Autumn has caught up to us

We really enjoyed that wonderful Indian Summer, but in waking to pouring rain, I realize it may all have been a dream;)  Not really and I can't complain.  We have an overflowing abundance of jams, pickles, soups, peppers, apples and juice for our larder.  I have all  my indoor activities lined up for these cold and rainy days.  And the wood bin is stocked and ready for my little wood stove in the craft room. I am actually ready to welcome the cold.  Even welcome the forecast of an early snow on our little bit of Mt Hood.  Really the question is what to do first;)  I have the yoke of a sweater to finish for the husband's Cobblestone.  I want to get this finished so I can move on to some knit gifts I need to pack for our trip to Europe (only 5 weeks away!! but who's counting).  I have a kitchen towel with ironed on embroidery motifs ready to be stitched.  And then there is my Alabama Chanin skirt project.  I am excited to begin that, but really want some dedicated time.  Hey, wait...I have that now.

I think it is more what are my dad's indoor projects?  The husband purchased lumber yesterday and is ready to begin his winter sojourn to his workshop.  My dad has been gathering information for several years for an education book he wants to write.  I am going to be encouraging that process to begin this weekend.

And writing for me?  I have been stuck and realize it was that I still was in the outdoor "doing" mode.  Waking up this morning I find I have already made a mental shift to warm apple juice (steaming behind me now), writing, sweater wearing and softer music (Pandora's bossanova station) and learning some new crafts.

There is also quite a bit of planning in our world.  Dad is off to visit my brother who recently married and moved to Mexico.  We are off for our Holiday trip to Europe and so much has to be done before either trip can occur.  I love the urgency that comes with that kind of planning, packing and arranging for things at home.  We have our house sitter lined up and the animals will be just fine without us:)

Podcasting--I really want to!  Right now I am having a hard time finding a couple hours to dedicate to recording, uploading and notes.  I think coming inside will help.  And now that dad is settled (and happy) in his new surroundings I will have a bit more time to myself.  Sometimes I feel like I am a homeschooling mom:)

What are you all doing to get ready for the season changes?  Indoor projects ready?  New crafts?