I can't see the tree through the forest

I have been in a funk for a good solid year now. I don't mean that I haven't been doing great things or not enjoying the people around me. But I am really still in a serious funk!  I can't seem to move forward and I have so many things that I want to get done (i.e get my butt to the post office) but I can't see the tree through the forest. I actually just went and changed the title of this post... I really couldn't even identify what my problem was until a friend pointed out to me recently that I am really burnt out. And I am. And I am not sure what it is that will move me on. I am really hoping a month long trip to Europe will do the trick. I have goals to meet in 2013, but at this point I am seriously considering scrapping all of those projects and commitments while I figure out what the hell is going to get me out of this slump.

I think several years of burning the candle at both ends finally caught up, but I can seem to get back to a regular pace. I am naturally a multi-tasker with lots of project ideas in my head and right now I can't seem to get myself to a place to fullfill the project ideas I have.  I am especially worried about getting in the middle of a long term project and finding I cannot follow through with it.

I am quite sure the rain isn't helping. So what to do on a day like today? Go help others.  Doing good for others is the most positive way to deal with feeling crabby and unfocused. In the country at large I hope you all are doing what you can for those in need on the East Coast.  Here on the West Coast a dear woman in the fiber community has lost everything she needs to make a living and we have lost so much along with her.  Let's help them rebuild!

In happier news:) I've been blogging about food over at garden~larder~table.