Brooklyn Tweed

I really think a knitterly post needs to follow yesterday's rather melancholy one.  I will say I've had a few signs from the universe at large to press on and just take it slow. Anyway, let's talk about Brooklyn Tweed and Jared Flood's yarns and designers.  I hung back from trying these for quite a while.  First of all, I have Imperial Stock Ranch very close to me and I feel a definite loyalty to Jeannie Carver and her Columbia sheep.  I'd also heard that the BT yarns were spun fairly loosely and people were experiencing a lot of breakage.  But...those patterns!  Those designers!  I just couldn't buy the patterns without using that yarn.  The yarn is so unique and the garments really do look special with the yarn.  Last year I was gifted the pattern Levenwick.  I decided after seeing the yarns and finished garment at Madrona that I really wanted to use the yarn called for.  I have to say I didn't enjoy the knitting experience.  Not that I had any breakage issues, but the yarn felt rough as I knit.  The finished sweater?  I love it!  I wore last Spring and again  this fall.  It is a perfect little jacket and I don't think it would hold up the same with a softer yarn.  This fall I again fell in love with a BT pattern--Fuse.  I ordered the yarn and I am knitting away.  I didn't even think about it at first, but I am having a great time knitting with this yarn.  Why?  Larger needles.  This is a softer, drapey cardigan meant to have 3-4" of ease.  While the Levenwick is a structured garment here I am looking forward to a comfy, around the house (and on the road) sweater.  But with this firm wool it probably won't stretch out and the open lace pattern will show very nicely.

I have two other sweaters in the queue using the Loft yarn as well.  Both Anais and Boardwalk are a firmer knit fabric so I may find that it is not as enjoyable.  Anais does use a size 4 so I may enjoy that one a bit more.  And let's not forget Wellwood.  I love that sweater!  I'll be starting there and I do already have the yarn ready to go for whichever one of these catches me first.  I had hoped to have three sweaters finished by my trip to Italy, but what are ya gonna do...only so many hours in a day and so many other people to knit for.

Let's talk about the BT stable of designers for a moment.  I love what is coming from this very talented group of people!  I find the garments both stylish and classic at the same time.  I would love to know if they are inspired by the yarns (classic at it's core) or a set of design parameters.  Whatever is the driving force I am thoroughly enjoying the knitting experience.

One last comment on the color pallet used by Jared Flood.  I love the muted colors.  When I want multi and deep saturated colors I will always go for my favorites at Blue Moon Fiber Arts (and she has all the many fiber choices I love!), but Flood uses a great mixing of dyed fibers to be spun up creating a muted tweedy affect that I find unique and lovely.  I could go back and forth between these two companies to create my entire wardrobe without looking further for years!