Crafting for the holidays

So it is beginning to feel a lot like crafting...but not at my house.  Last year I seriously threw myself into baking, making and celebrating with our very large family.  This year we are running away from home.  I am making a couple of gifts to take with us for friends we'll be seeing along the way, but other than that I am taking the year off.  And then I see all these great craft ideas; I know the cookie magazines will be out soon; I haven't knit even one Christmas stocking for a niece or nephew.  You know how it goes.

I've decided that instead of jumping in head first this year I'll use this space to post all the wonderful ideas.  I think I'll create a Pinterest board for Christmas fantasies as well.  When I was a kid there was a year that I had no spending money for presents, but really wanted to give my family special gifts.  So I made a card and included what I would give them if I had all the money in the world:)  Who remembers the 8 is Enough episode that inspired me?

Here are a couple of links that I was led to this morning by a great crafty site--Sulia (danger, big time sucker here).  Sweet C's Designs has these terrific quotes as iron ons for tote bags in her archives.  Untrendy Life has the simple idea of using a bleach pen for your design work.  I think pairing that with embroidery could be amazing!  I have definitely found my way to sites I would not have planned with the pull of Sulia.  Bath gifts are always a hit in our family so I was intrigued by a recipe for bath fizz balls from Getting Freedom.

I am so happy Thanksgiving is about eating and visiting.  We are hosting at least 35 this year.  And I know I could get in trouble adding all these gift ideas to others in the craft room already.  Will you be going for the crafting gold this year?  Or pulling back to just enjoy the people you'll be spending it with?

We'll be in Rome on Christmas.  Spending it quietly with my in-laws.  I plan on picking up special foods and treats along our travel route before meeting up with them to share on Christmas day.  It will be a very different year for the four of us, but a wonderful time to reflect and enjoy watching the people of another culture celebrate.

Now Thanksgiving?  Yep a crazy and fun day for the Accuardi household.  But happily a potluck.  We provide the birds and others bring the side dish or dessert they can't celebrate without. I love the years when we do this.  There are always stories that go with the dishes.  It makes for a very special day!