Have you seen this?

Celebrating wool-- Wovember  Helping Crafters-- CERF Well I did completely jinx myself by posting here that I have never had the Brooklyn Tweed yarns fail me.  I was trying to knit two stitches together last night when the yarn on one of those stitches broke.  There was a moment that I sat there with my mouth hanging open realizing my hubris.  Some ripping back to the afflicted spot and now I am back to holding my yarn loosely.  And that is the lesson to learn with this yarn--you can not be a tight knitter without breakage at some point.

In other news, the dad is in Mexico for the next several weeks with my brother and his family.  And that is the signal for vacation countdown for us!  A trip to Powell's for some travel books and novels for our time away, a list of clothing and shoes needed, a much needed haircut booked.  And the nervous energy that comes with the excitement of an upcoming adventure is setting in:)  Less than three weeks from now we will be boarding a plane for a month long vacation/adventure.  One of my favorite purchases before a trip is a blank book.  I chose a simple and classic moleskine this time around.  I also have two blank books that were gifted to me by dear friends last summer.  My goal is to fill them all!  But, I'll be happy with just having back ups.  I tend to write everyday when traveling.  I have all those old travel logs too.  I haven't gone through them for quite a while.  I have a future ideas that will involve them all however:)  As we have lots of train time on this trip I am excited for the writing and creative ideas that (hopefully) will be flowing.

This morning I was in a list making mode which quickly turned into a list of creative ideas.  Pretty excited about that.  Some have already been ruminating and some jumped out new and sparkly.  Ebook ideas mainly.  One thought that I have been fighting for a while but have now accepted--I can not afford to self publish my book.  So for a while at least I am going to put it on the back burner and concentrate on some ebook ideas and rework single patterns that I have published in newsletters/calendar, but never put up on Ravelry.  It's amazing how freeing this decision has been!  I am finally moving forward with ideas:)  And have a plan for at least the near future.  This is a plan that can work with my dad living here.  It does not involve a lot of travel or teaching for now (although I will be teaching at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival in the Spring).  In fact while I feel the writing urge I'm going to jump off here and go do it!