Inspired to Knit

I certainly haven't been inspired to write much this last week.  But I have been inspired to knit.  I finished my Fuse cardigan last night.  Although I'm not sure it will be staying finished.  Here's the story: I ran out of yarn.  Yep, that old story.  I got down to the last two inches of the border.  Being an hour away from the purchase of Shelter yarn (or an entire internet away) I decided to do some very serious stash diving.  I unearthed some wonderful yarns and switched out the basketful in the house.  Shelter is a very specific yarn; there is no other yarn of similar comparison. a spinner I do have options.  I have both Targhee and Columbia fiber in the back room.  I could go through the process of recreating the texture, but it doesn't really make sense to try to duplicate the color variations.  I might as well head downtown and buy a skein at that point.  After much digging I had a big "duh" moment.  The Gotland fleece I am spinning right now is that great inky black with hints of gray.  It is pretty darn close.  So the sweater is finished.  And as this area is at the back of the neck no one will be able to tell...except for me.

One of the qualities in the Shelter yarn (actually we are talking about the fiber here) is a matte finish.  The Gotland has a definite sheen.  Also, I had spun the Gotland from the lock so the fuzziness that will lend great texture to another garment makes it look like there is mohair involved sitting next to the lofty, but smooth, Shelter.  So, if you are a knitter (or spinner) and you know that just behind your neck sits a completely different bit of sweater could you wear it?  Yea, I'll be going down to get that skein of yarn today.  But it is really a cool way to see different fiber characteristics. One thing I have learned is that I wouldn't want a sweater knit from this fuzzy yarn, but It will be a really cool large cowl.  I think I will put the balance through the drum carder to spin a smoother yarn.  I have knit with Gotland (machine spun) from this farm so I know what to expect from that put up.

Knitting/Spinning is all about the journey after all.