What Shall I Knit?

You know those last few days before a vacation begins?  You have all your errands finished, you are packed, you've checked your tickets numerous times to make sure you have the date of departure correct?  Well I am there!  I have actually spread out the errands and packing so that I wouldn't be twiddling my thumbs (and end up repacking).  I've decided this works great for me.  Today is our last full day at home and I will finish packing the suitcase today.  I also left the choosing yarn for my travel projects until today.  I found out last week that there was a chance that our hosts in Northern Italy might be expecting a second child.  Yesterday I got confirmation and of course we can not arrive empty handed:)  These are the only people that will receive holiday gifts this year--an Antler sweater for a sweet little girl and a cavatelli pasta maker (funny that this brand is not available in Italy) for our dear friend was where it began.  However, I realized that although we have not met his wife we can't arrive without something for her.  Yes, this is where Christmas gets out of hand for me each year.  Pretty happy I can keep it down to one family this time around:)  So plane knitting will be to finish a simple beret out of Shelter (yes I did go purchase more yarn and redo the sweater and now have left overs) for my cold little head; and the first week will be to knit some baby booties out of my bunny yarn and a cowl/scarf with an as yet undetermined yarn from the stash.  I do have some beautiful Sundara fingering in there. hmmm  And after that?  I will have almost three weeks and plenty of car and train travel time ahead.  I was thinking to take my friend's sweater, but that may take up too much suitcase space.  The baby blanket for my niece?  It's at the intricate point in the pattern.  I don't want to pull it all back out.  And travel knitting must allow for sightseeing as well.  So a large scarf that will go with my new hat possibly.  Maybe I'll make my own Shallows cowl/scarf or possibly a Stonecrop stole. That pattern is at the top of my pattern stack and I have the yarn sitting nearby.  This is the day to decide and pack her up.  What would you chose for travel knitting? I am very excited that I'll be taking lots of photos with my husband's Nikon as his father gave him a much better one.  I love when everyone upgrades and it benefits the many:)  I have new journals and pens.  I have even packed some charcoal pencils as I have an idea.  You'll love this idea!  But it needs to be worked on while on this trip.  And happily my Macbook Air is nice and light so it will be traveling as well.  Allowing for plenty of blogging over coffee in the mornings.  What do you want to see?  Read about?

And on a very serious note--Today is National Aids Day.  Please support a project local to you or this wonderful project my friend Steven Ambrose has created.