The re-entry

Home again, home again and just about used to it;)  Some things have changes drastically in the last five years since we've visited Italy and some things have staid the same.  On the staid side would be everywhere we were had a fleeting internet.  It made our trip perfect for Instagram posts (you can see all my photos and posts under debaccuardi), but a little hard for blogging or skyping.  I've decided that when you need to relax and connect with those around you posting a photo and a few words is perfect.  Also, I read six and a half books last month!  Chasing Sylvia Beach, by Cynthia Morris was probably my favorite. A fashion report for the winter in Europe shows lots of chunky knits with both men and women wearing bulky knit cowls close to the neck and droopy hats; boots in every length and height.  Fast food has found Europe and cooking at home is diminishing so are the tiny waistlines that made me feel so huge on every visit to Roma (I felt right at home among the masses).  Here are a few window shots IMG_0250 IMG_0292 IMG_0369 IMG_0249 IMG_0314 I like the little sheep crawling into bed to help you count yourself to sleep.  There was so much more to this trip and you'll find some of it over on my Garden~Larder~Table blog.  You'll also be hearing some on the return of the podcast!  Yep, I'm feeling renewed and as part of my new year resolutions I am creating time for myself so that I can continue a creative life.