Thoughts of Podcasting

Well, the best laid plans do not always pan out do they?  I have had such a cough this month I really haven't felt like podcasting was my best form of communicating.  Really, twitter has been about my brain's attention span. However, the podcast is returning.  One of my New Year's goals is to allow myself some time for podcasting.  As in I need a "room of one's own".  Not enough time alone is wearing thin for me.  I definitely need that kind of time and that really is how the podcast originally came about.  I have lots of fun projects to share with all and I like to think out loud as I chat with you.  I definitely don't want to give that up:) However, I have been doing a lot of writing and quite a lot of knitting.  The book is full in the works again.  And with each chapter finished I'll be writing an ebook to support the characters from that chapter.  I realize that may not make sense to you, but it will:)  The sales of ebooks will raise money for production of the book.  Plus, you get to know the characters (models) that will appear.  It will be like old home week or a feeling of community coming together.  Just the way I like it:)  All the ebooks and the print book will feature both patterns and recipes since that's the way I do things.  I am also hoping some of the money raised will help towards producing another year of the Knitters Datebook.  I had so much fun creating the 2012 calendar, but boy howdy was it expensive.  The sticker shock was what made me think self publishing was out for me.  I really just had to do some creative thinking on how to get back on track.

February brings with it the annual Visionary Authors retreat.  Being a member of that group has really spurred me on to finish this project.  2013 is my year folks!  It will probably be 2014 before we see the print version, but I'll be letting you know very soon about an early summer arrival of the first ebook.

I am really missing my Italian friends and Italian goat cheese today.  Check out my post over at Garden~Larder~Table.  Make sure to note the upcoming Your Recipe Journal.  A club that will deliver a recipe each day to your email box along with stories from some of my food adventures (both abroad and at home).

Here is some yummy book yarn that arrived yesterday ready to be wound upIMG_0556 and knit just as soon as I finish a baby blanket today.  Photos of that as soon as it is blocked.