Interesting ideas out in the knit and design world

Have you seen this wonderful new online Japanese knit magazine?  Beautiful pieces!  I am  knitting away this week on pieces for the book and when I take a break I find I need to look at beautiful and inspiring websites or magazines.  For spinners, have you seen the new book by fellow Visionary, Sarah Anderson? The Spinner's Book of Yarn Design is now available! I received my copy yesterday and it is inspiring to say the least.  A very well thought out book that is chock full of information and step by step instructions for making creative yarns at your wheel. I can't ever help myself when I check in at Kickstarter.  Yesterday that was a stop to look at inspiring projects and I sure found one that is up my ally. Foraging and Feasting is a beautiful new book being written and designed by an herbalist and an illustrator.  Yesterday I saw it as a staff pick when the project was 80% funded (I added my bit of a pledge).  Today as I went to find the link for that project, with yesterday's nod from the staff  Foraging and Feasting is now 208% funded.  I love Kickstarter!  My project was not successful there, but I'll be revisiting the project funding site when I get to the final stage of my book.  I do think projects are more successful when you are farther into the project and have something to show that they are going to cross the finish line.  I have to say that I have only backed one successful project that did not go on to fulfill the promises to investors.  That person has continued to follow up and explain his progress so even that seems positive to me.

In the design area--are you a Creative Suite user?  Have you switched to Creative Cloud?  I am such a novice that I'm still pulling my hair as I take classes on  But I am wondering about having the flexibility of Creative Cloud on my lap top.  Thoughts?

I will be finishing up the first stage of the Billy The Kid knitting project today.  This is a felted piece and I can't wait to see the finished piece.  If you are coming to Madrona stop by the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth.  This will be the only time to get a little sneak peak of book projects (only ones that use Tina's lovely yarns).