A Letter From Camp

Sending letters from camp was part of my childhood. We visited Camp Namanu (a camp song goes through my head as I type that) as children. The letters home were full of crafts and stories of friends and lyrics from the songs (again I am humming tunes.This week I offer you my letters from camp--the Visionary Retreat. We are a group of people that are self publishing the body of our work. You will notice I did not use the words women or books. The group is diverse as are the projects. This week we support each other's projects, we learn from each other, we laugh, we eat wonderful food. The ferry ride over was fan girl central. Sitting with Deb Robson, Myrna Stalman, Ann Budd, Anne Berk, Jeni Staiman and Donna Drucunas was incredible. And their were 20 other people joining for this week of work and inspiration. The Internet is not readily available which is wonderful. I am focused on learning. I have been journaling daily. To start each day I have a word for that day that starts with how I'm feeling. Yesterday it started with 'intimidated', but as the day wore on the words changed to inspiration, warmth, nurturing. Today I began with 'focused'. Mid-way through the day the words now are open, prepared, welcoming. We have had group time and time alone. Both have been wonderful, but the time alone in a quiet cabin have been precious. I have worked. I have come away from conversations inspired to work on my own work. Thoughts of stopping or giving up are completely gone. In that place are thoughts of creative fundraising and marketing. What do I want to bring away from this experience? I want to go home and be in a room of one's own... And what would a letter from camp be without a weather report. When last I came to the retreat on San Juan island it rained the whole time. This week we have clear skies with light on the lake. Lovely. Photos of Lakedale a little later. Back to work now. Talk to you soon, Deb