I knit some socks

..but I can't show them to you. How is that for a tease? I was minding my own business; just knitting a pair (as I had packed one pair short for the 11 days of creativity that was early February) when Tina saw the them and wanted to use the pattern. Yay! Fun! But I have nothing to show you for a finished project. So on we go... I was away (I know you Know this), but while I was away the husband was plotting his own retreat. He left about 10 minutes after I returned home. lol It was great! We each got the winter break we needed and now that he is back I feel like we are both hitting our individual projects head on with new vigor. For him that means building beautiful mahogany tables for our restaurant and for me that has meant writing, designing and charting. It has been a good month throughout!

Madrona in three photos (and that is all brain thought to take) My friends in green, our beautiful Blue Moon booth filled with happy shoppers and a kinneared sweater yoke (I love the color combination). IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0596

In other Madrona news, I fell into the deep well that is the HansonCraft minispinner. I swore I would never succumb! Spinning is a meditation for me. I love traveling with my spindles. There is no reason for this to be in my life. And then I sat down with the lace flyer on the espinner. Crap! In love! I will use it for spinning the fine lace that I can get in a consistent thread on that lovely, lovely tool. I purchased the set up for the lace flyer set up on the spinner only, because I love my Matchless and have no reason to replace it. I also have learned that having two wheels does not mean I keep a project on each. I just don't use one at all (wanna buy a Majacraft Little Gem with Woolie Winder?). Oh did I mention that the wood my lovely minispinner is made from is called "Lacewood" :)

So, on this snowy-ish Saturday I am writing and taking breaks to spin (on the wheel today), and knitting a very special little secret project;)

I am also trying to decide how to fit the podcast back into my schedule. My cough is finally gone (7 weeks later!). I am actually thinking of hiding away in my backroom this afternoon.  There is so much to talk about that just doesn't fit on a page. And I miss talking to you!