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Magic in Nature

All I can say is...


This month has been crazy! Crazy Good:) But with staying in town and out at the beach has been a trade off of no internet and for a few days no phone service either. The idea of posting here on an iPhone or even an iPad just doesn't work for my brain flow. Today there is time for a cafe minute or two. I have been knitting and knitting. And I can't tell you a darn thing about it! I am just about finished charting two little patterns for a group ebook I'll be telling you about in May. And then back to my own projects. I can say there is a small book collection in the works. I can say I'll be publishing sometime this summer. I can say I think you'll love it! I do anyway;) And I can say I am playing with yarns from BMFA, Madeline Tosh, Jamison's Spindrift, AVFKW and Elemental Effects.  Yum on all counts! A couple patterns are about to go to the tech editor and then on to the test knitters. Two are still on the designing needles. There will be eight patterns in this collection (with a bonus pattern added at a later date for the ebook). I can also say that there will be a bound book as well as an ebook. There will be a whole post coming about my feelings of bound and e. I am feeling energized and creative! And quite flexible in that I have inhabited three homes so far this month and we are still half way through March!

That is all there is time to say today. I hope you are being creative and hopeful as the March marches on.