A very Color Filled weekend retreat

If you are following the twitter sidebar or my photos on Instagram ( linked to twitter and Facebook) you know I am on Maui. This morning I had some time alone so my writing time went long and got creative. And an idea I've been playing with came to full fruition. How about spending a weekend with me up on my little bit of Mt Hood this summer?I've planned a weekend of intensive natural dyeing, spinning, knitting, book making and cooking demos that you won't want to miss! We will be investigating and celebrating color from every angle. I'll be bringing up a couple of specail guests to help and play. Plus I am lucky to live near a resort and a couple quaint bed and breakfast residences so sleep is comfortable and classes at my house and garden are within walking distance. While I finish putting the details on this baby you start making plans for the first weekend in August (Thursday eve thru Sunday afternoon). Staying in a sunny place makes me happy! By August my mountain spot will be in full bloom and a relaxing sanctuary of learning.