Retreat Preview--Day One

So I promised some details about the Mt Hood Fiber Retreat. Here's a bit of what I have planned for the day of arrival--Thursday, August 1. You'll be arriving at my house at 5pm to drinks and snacks. You'll pick up your goody bag (cause what's a retreat without one!) and decide on your spot to place all your tools and supplies during the weekend. Then we will get right down to work.

On Thursday we are going to be mordanting the yarn and fiber to be dyed on Friday. Each person will be receiving a cone (1 kilo) of either worsted weight SW Merino or fingering SW Merino/Bamboo/Nylon plus a lb of wool (still in the breed decision process on this one). We will also be doing some book making-books to display your dyed fiber samples and some pressed plants we'll be using to dye. You will also begin your spinner's notebook as all the lectures (Thursday's will be about the different mordants and they're effects) will have notes for you to take home. I know with so much information and activity it will be hard to retain everything during the weekend.

We'll end the night fairly early so you have a chance to get settled where you are staying. By dropping off all your tools at the house you will have the opportunity to walk to class in the morning.

See this post for an overview and costs for the entire weekend.