Retreat Preview--Day two

Friday is Dye Day!! Super excited about sharing a full day of natural plant and exotics with you. We'll start the day at 9am with some coffee/tea as we go over the day's plan. Plant dyed hard boiled egg anyone? Bring your water bottle empty as the water at my house comes straight off the Palmer glacier-very sweet. We'll build the dye pots together and in the morning explore dyeing with items you find around your home, at the grocery and in the Western states garden. You'll keep notes in your dye book and after the samples dry be attaching them as well. Mid morning we will begin to explore the "blues". We'll talk about the history of use, the chemical differences and play with both Indigo and Woad dyes. We'll break for a tasty garden lunch and talk about food for a while. Then after a small break it's back to the dye pots for you. The afternoon is dedicated to the exotics and an exploration of other cultures and their dye traditions. You will have a full book of samples and recipes by the end of the day. There will be time for heading back to your residences for cleaning up and resting (or exploring) a bit before returning to prepare dinner. You just have to relax as you enjoy a cooking demo class followed by a feast of local ingredients. The evening is for visiting and a game or two;) As the sky darkens we'll light the fire pit and have our dessert over the coals.

You'll find a full overview and cost of the retreat in this post.