Retreat Preview--Day 3

Spin, spin, spin Again we will start at 9am with coffee/tea as we go over the day's plans. Dyed yarns are probably ready to be gathered so we'll have a finishing up of our dye talk. It's hard to leave dyeing behind, but you will have dyed some lovely roving along with your yarns and today we'll be spinning for color work. As well we'll be exploring beginning a Spinner's Notebook and adding naturally colored wool into our colorful samples. Throughout the day we'll explore different methods of plying yarn, spinning for consistency and sampling along the way. If you have specific questions about changing your spinning style this is the day to explore all aspects of spinning. You'll want to bring your wheel or spindles and all the accompanying parts. If you are traveling we'll plan on sharing tools. As we are at my house all my tools are at hand. There will again be a tasty garden lunch, a break after spinning to walk by the river or head back to your room for a rest. The dinner demo will be very tasty and tonight there will be Oregon wines and beers to sample while you enjoy dinner.

After dinner we will have to decide if it is a night to head to a local spot to hear live music or if we can't really leave the fire pit and games.

A post can be found here with a retreat overview and prices.