Creative Exercises

Although this month gotta kind of crazy there for a bit I am participating in the Free Write Fling again. Cynthia Morris of Creative Impulse hosts these months of free writing. I talked about it in this post. During the month of March we were staying in Portland and out at the beach. It made a difference being out of my normal routine; I wrote everyday. This month started out with us in Hawaii and writing was, again, no problem to accomplish everyday. However, returning home it became a problem to break out of my routine and find that quiet time (and place) where I could just let go and write. Write without thinking about what I should write. Not journaling about my feelings (although sometimes those do sneak in), but just choosing a writing prompt and starting from that thought. Cynthia provides these prompts during the fling. I don't always use them, but reading them can sometimes get my brain going. I was thinking about these prompts in the shower this morning and a few of my own popped into my head. This being the place I have my most creative thoughts:) I went on to think it would be a good idea to write down my own prompts somewhere but, for me, not in a book. I will never go back and read them. So I am going to do something my sis and I did as kids when we couldn't decide what game to play...I am going to write down prompts as I think of them and put them in a vase. When I need something to jump start my creative juices I can pick a prompt and go. One prompt I thought of in the shower was "You Weirdo". To me that leads to writing about keeping Portland weird or surrounding myself with creative people or don't apologize for your creative ideas even if not everyone gets it. What would that bring up for you? Can you challenge yourself to think up ten prompts and then write for ten days using them? The other thing I've noticed as I've fallen into and out of writing over the past months is that if I approach every type of writing with intention I am much happier with the outcome. And I mean even a grocery list-I don't forget things if I am only thinking about this and not what else I need to do before leaving the house. With Free Writing I find that staying Intentional and Within the Moment brings out some beautiful writing and interesting thoughts. I may be the only person that every reads what I've written, but I am beginning to see how everything else in my life is affected in a positive way through all these exercises and thoughts.

So today I challenge you to Create with Intention. Whether you are creating breakfast, weeding the garden, in the middle of knitting a scarf or beginning a novel be present in what you are doing. After a while I think you will see a difference in yourself and your project. Believe me, a rather scattered person sometimes, it will make you feel like you can do anything!