Collaborative Effort

I love group projects! I love projects that support people; that lift them up! This is one such project--6a00d8341c6c7753ef017ee982bdb5970d-piDeb Robson is an amazing researcher, story teller, teacher, preserver of our sheepy heritage if you will. The amount of information and research she shares with us in the form of articles and books is amazing! The amount of work that goes into bringing us this information is huge. Financial compensation is not necessarily equal to the work output. We don't want her to stop this work! And that is where our amazing crafting community really stands apart. When we care about someone or some cause we jump forward to see how we can help. When Donna Druchunas came up with the idea of creating an ebook full of knitting patterns that would support and celebrate the work that Deb is doing this year with Shetland sheep several designers jumped on board. I am honored and thrilled to be one of those designers in this collaborative effort. All of the patterns have been donated, the creation (tech editing, photography and building) of the ebook has also been donated. Soon, very soon pre-orders will begin. And all of the purchases will go directly into Deb's Paypal account. She can now work without the stress of how her monthly bills will be paid. And not only will you get some amazing patterns (I've had a sneak peek of the photos) from a huge group of designers (the ebook that just kept on growing), but in the future we will benefit from the research Deb is now doing in the area of Shetland sheep. And where will this lead her? I get very excited about knitting and spinning when I talk with her or read her articles about our sheepy heritage. Read this post from Deb about the Dreaming in Shetland project. You'll definitely be hearing from me when pre-orders begin. But here is a sneak peek of the Shringar wristlets I designed for the ebook (my lovely friend Anne modeling, her husband Bill the photographer for the project). This is also a hint to the collection I've been working on to publish very soon.