Come Create With Us!

This is the motto for a new website called iCreateFlix. Artists and crafters will be inspired by the workshops, tutorials, ebooks and patterns available. They went live on June 14 for a summer beta release. I've been working towards putting content on the site myself. Very soon you'll be able to find me teaching spinning classes (Hand Spun/Hand Knit series), gardening and cooking classes (Garden to Kitchen series) and natural dyeing of yarn, fiber and fabric (Color from Nature series). I have several workshops planned in each of these series, as well there are a few short tutorials in the works and you'll find knitting patterns and my upcoming ebook available here as well. I've got a busy summer planned! I am so happy to have created a life that can be lived anywhere. Here are a few photos representing some of the classes you'll find this summer:

DSC_0057Beautiful SocksĀ DSC_0109Your first lace shawl

DSC_0070Five essential herbsDSC_0078Five herbs for tea and dessertDSC_0081Companion planting

In addition to what I have planned you really have to check out the line up in both the craft world and fine art world that are just starting to appear on iCreateFlix. More will be added quickly as we all fine tune our projects and upload them. Keep checking back.

I am just waiting on a very cool camcorder to arrive in the mail and then you'll find my workshops available. Really excited for you to share in my summer garden and visit my spinning studio up here on my bit of Mt Hood.