A Creative Break

DSC_0093 DSC_0095 DSC_0075I posted on Twitter early last week that I was going on a creative break. But what does that mean when I'm trying to live an intentionally creative life? I thought about that while out at the coast last week. I've really tried to create projects I can work on anywhere. Last week was different. We had our yearly vacation with our god children. I really wanted to spend creative time with them. We hiked in the forest, walked on the beach, hiked in a forest/beach setting and hiked in a bird sanctuary. In the evenings we all participated in reading or drawing or played quiet games. It was lovely! Coming home with them to our house we wanted them to have a farm experience. Working on enclosing a porch, weeding in the garden, cuddling baby chicks. The week was peppered with movies and the Alpine Slide and the Long Beach fun games. For all that we offered a very quiet week. I was worried that they were bored out of their heads. However, when asked by their parents in evening phone calls they both (16 and 11) exclaimed what a blast they were having. It warms my heart to have a different creative time. One where you share your values and a life not attached to the city. In the end I asked a certain young lady to document her time with us. For the coast trip we saw so many animals she decided to make a list. I suggested one that shows where those animals reside (I'm going to make that list as well later today). After a few days up here I suggested a documentary movie. I am just about finished with the upload to Vimeo so that her parents can see what they're missing;) I'll edit a shorter version for you to see a snippet of our life viewed through a visitors eyes.

In the end, this was supposed to be the weekend of the Mt Hood Retreat...and it was.