Get an education!

I was doing some writing this morning and this idea struck me. It comes partly from a survey I participated in earlier in the week. A question asked if I was going to be seeking any formal education within the year. I seek education every day! I do realize that I live a fairly unconventional life...I don't go to a workplace on a regular basis, I make a lot of my own foods (foraging, growing, raising), the television I watch has been recorded so no commercials, I make a good 25% of my clothes. But, while I don't consider myself "normal" I would challenge each of us to try not to fit into a trite little category.Please, do get an education! Every day! This fall I am completely immersed in everything mushroom. I am reading about them, hunting them, questioning experts I know, eating them in a variety of ways, figuring out the best ways to preserve them and I'm dyeing yarn and fiber with them. This is a wonderful education. A hands on education that will stick with me and inform how I approach my winter months:) I'll be sharing what I've learned (I've been documenting everything). So this of course also leads to why haven't I been blogging? Or podcasting on a regular basis? or really participating in much social media or in person activities? Part of it is of course that taking care of a parent is draining and time consuming. Also, I am out in the forest, in the garden, in my kitchen, spinning and knitting and reading. I finally feel like my writing mojo is coming back (the draining part has really wreaked havoc in this area). I miss sharing my adventures with you! But right now I think I just need to have the adventures on my own:) I'll share lots of the photos and recipes when the weather changes. Cause right now? I am in love with this true "indian summer" we've been having. And right now? Right now I am going to steam some apple juice, taking yarn out of mushroom dye pots, cook up some wild mushrooms for the freezer and finish plying some gorgeous Polwarth fiber for a shawl. What have you been up to? IMG_1255