Back in the day I had a podcast

I went over to Ravelry today to leave a little note to my followers of the At the Kitchen Table podcast group. I thought I'd copy it here as well in case you are wondering why there is this huge change in format. However, if you know me you realize that it is a shift in the main topic of life, but I've always played with the plants in some type of healing ways. Here is what that little note said-- "I bet you might be curious about whatever happened to Deb:) I’m still around. Taking care of my father overwhelmed me and something had to give…the podcast. Unfortunately in the time of taking care of him I began to develop some arthitis in my finger joints as well. Time for a career change:) designing and pattern development just isn’t fun when it hurts. I’ve gone back to my roots--gardening, playing with herbs and food and herbal medicines and food as medicine. I’ve started a small Etsy shop-- Chicken Coop Botanical and I’m having fun playing with all the things. A lot of the offerings are seasonal so there will be some dyed yarn and fabrics during the later summer months. The podcast…will return! I am still knitting and spinning (just not quite as obsessively) and doing a little bit of sewing as well. I’ve decided to wait until June for the podcast return (or beginning) as I’m traveling the entire month of May and into the beginning of June. I will put a note here when it begins again, but I won’t be using this platform for posting. I will be doing all my updates and chatting through my blog. I am changing the name to Missives from the Chicken Coop, but the format and chit chat on the podcast will be very similar to what listeners (pre-dyeworks) remember--me on my little bit of Mt Hood talking about all that is happening around me. The animals will still be chattering away, the gardens still growing, me still cooking and always some sort of crafting…but me trying to live life at a slower pace."

On another note--I have a Giveaway happening this weekend through social media! Scroll down to "Healing Salves Giveaway" on my Facebook feed. You'll find the same on my Twitter feed and Instagram. Follow along for a chance to win. There will be three winners chosen Monday morning. I'm @debaccuardi all over the place for a follow along.