Case Study: Me

We should all be our own case studies, right? Meaning you should know your body so well that you can tell when you are getting sick and you should know what to do. This week I was laid pretty darn low. In fact this is day 7 and I'm still not 100%. What I've always loved about alternative health (be it Western Herbalism, TCM or Ayurveda) is that each looks at the whole system. So for me, knowing that I get Asthma on occasion, I shouldn't be cleaning a chicken coop without a face mask. However, in the spring I always get a bit inpatient so yes I did. And then inhaled some nasty thing which has given me a week of bronchial infection. I did not run to the dr. I immediately turned to my Apothecary shelves. Before I began making these medicines I had shelves of others' products so I would have done the same. I chose tinctures and teas that would give my body's immune system a boost so it could do its healing job and calm my nervous system. Things like Oregon Grape root, Golden Seal, Alder, Nettle and Mullein, Lemon Balm and Passion Flower to help me relax and sleep. I was surprised not to feel better in a day or two. What I did was treat myself with herbs, but think Allopathically (meaning I prescribed myself medicine, but didn't follow through on other aspects of promoting good health). I didn't slow down, I didn't get enough rest, I kept working since I wasn't contagious, I didn't stop drinking coffee (or a bit of wine for that matter). Now that I have a sinus infection while the chest clears up I am realizing that my spring antsyness (that I get every year at this time) is really bad this year. I want to keep moving, I want to get into the forest (cause it's going to be gone next week?), I want to clean up the house (well, I had no problem letting that go). I just had to stop a couple days ago (mainly my body would not function anymore)and rest and drink lots of water and drink a nourishing broth with seaweed and nettles and Gomasio IMG_2645. Yesterday I thought I'd learned my lesson, but I jumped right back into things and today I feel rundown and have to be active. But I can be smart about it. Eating healthy (non-dairy) foods, take my tea with me, slow the heck down!

Sometimes even when we know ourselves--being our own case study--it doesn't mean we listen to ourselves. I am much more affected by spring in Oregon than I ever am by the winter blues (or grays). I want it one way or another. Happily for me this will resolve itself as the week ends, the moon begins to wane and I begin to slowly welcome the uncertain weather that is an Oregon spring.

Enough of a whiney post--next week I've got a big announcement! It has to do with this tasty asparagus lasagna we had for lunch a few days ago (yep, I had no business enjoying all that béchamel-but I sure did). IMG_2642