This Mad Mad World

IMG_2709Sometimes I think I go a little bit mad. And of course I then worry that I've scared people away with my mad or wild ramblings. But really, in this crazy world we live in, if you don't go mad sometimes are you really living an authentic life? There is a lot going on in the world right now that is sad, harrowing, upsetting, maddening and completely out of control. We have to pay attention. Don't put your head in the sand. I'm not saying you can save every situation with a $10 donation, but choose one and make a pledge to care enough to learn about it. Chose your way to get information and listen, pay attention! And yes, you will go a little mad sometimes. That's okay! Think about all the people in the world that are living like that every damn day! Decide where to put your energy, but keep open to what is happening in other places too.

You may feel that if you do pay attention it will be too much to handle. You'll get bummed out, depressed, unable to function in your first world life. That is where we have to bring in balance. We are lucky if we aren't affected by everyday violence in this country (or another) whether it be created by man or nature or nature because of the actions of man. How will you create a balance? For me it is being out side with my hands in the dirt, smelling a fragrant flower and listening to what it has to tell me, spending time with the people that I love and those who truly inspire me. Sometimes I still go completely mad, but that's how we grow and evolve and how we know we are truly alive!

I'm not asking you to spend money or make a statement or attend a rally...unless you are called to do these things. But I am calling on you to be a witness to what is going on in the world, to live mindfully, to act when you feel called to do it. When you have the information you will be surprised by how it will affect you. I realized while in the shower this morning that I can no longer support large scale almond growers. I wouldn't have made that decision yesterday. Today I finally heard the last news story I could take about the selfishness surrounding the water situation where this crop is concerned (and it wasn't even in California). For now it's ruined my love of almonds--until I find a small farmer that is treating this crop the way you have to during a drought. I don't think I can personally affect what is happening in Baltimore, but I am paying attention to the situation and I'm ready to have a conversation with the nay sayers (amazing that there are two sides in that conflict). I am devastated by the ruination of our rain forests and for quite a while I didn't think I could have an effect, but by paying attention and learning more I personally choose not to use any palm oils in my herbal products, my cooking and I make sure my purchasing of ready made foods reflects that decision. For Nepal, I choose Oxfam to donate money. It isn't just that you donate--check out the charities, find one that puts money and skills with the people not the directors.

What about you? Where do you take a stand? What is your balance? I don't expect you to answer these questions here, but I hope you will reflect on this topic and look at your life in comparison to so many people that have less than you do. How can you make a difference in the world?

The photo at the beginning of this post is Hawthorn. A tree that brings calm from the flowers, leaves and berries. I make a tincture, tea and elixir with these and have a few young trees coming this spring for our hedgerow. Another part of the balance is self care through healing physically and mentally, movement (however that appears in your activities), eating good food. All of this, every bit, goes back to living an intentional life. My brain gets airy and I get distracted, but I do live intentionally. Do you?