Autumn is upon us

I have so looked forward to the season change. I woke yesterday thinking "this is it!" Mabon, the second harvest festival has arrived. And of course this means Autumn has arrived--the Autumnal Equinox. I went outside and reveled in the thought that the seeds that to me represent this second harvest are so needed if we are to celebrate the Spring Equinox six months from now. I felt the urgency of harvesting all that is left in both vegetable and herb gardens. Walking about the last two days plucking weeds (Self Heal florets, the last Red Clover blossoms and Plantain leaves. Realizing that I need to begin digging roots. I spent a good part of yesterday gathering the tools needed to bottle up, label and photograph my special Mabon box for the Etsy store (that has long been neglected). I kept thinking that I really need to sit down and write a blog post and yet when I thought about the idea of that I couldn't think exactly what I would say. So I gathered a basketful of Spicy Elderberry Tonic, some of the last of the cucumbers and peppers, the new duck eggs and my tomatillo sauce in a  basket and went to visit the neighbors. They who had so sweetly thought of us and left a book in our mail box that they thought we might like.

Again I felt I wanted to get back to writing, but nothing would come. So I did the research I needed to do for a client that had asked me to put together some herbal treats for his well being.

And here I script...nothing more than putting my fingers to the keys and happily what I am feeling about the season shift comes through. I was beginning to feel stretched by this extremely long and hot summer. It scares me that this may be the new normal. But we are human; we adapt. I look forward to spending more time inside, to writing more, to sharing the formulas, potions and lessons I learned this summer.

There will be more special boxes of seasonal treats (8 seasons the way I count). There will be a podcast beginning quite soon. I have started studies in Shamanism, Spagyrics and I have been learning from new people about Herbalism for quite a while now. Excited to write again. Just needed the shift.