Winter is Coming

This morning I am looking up to the hills behind my house and I see snow flocked trees even though the rain drips down outside my window. IMG_4627The sound of the rain, the crackling fire and the occasional rooster's crow makes me smile. I've been on the go since May 4 with travel, wonderful summer events, house sitting and taking back my roll in the Gino's Restaurant kitchen. While I am still working in town a few days a week I am so happy to be settled in for the winter on our little piece of Mt Hood. My husband and I spent a dry moment a couple days ago stocking the wood room for the stove at the front of the house and the back room wood bin. It's a task that settles me into the season. It will be repeated many more times in the coming months and singles to me the other tasks that I'm also ready for--the constant stock pot that our soups and stews flow from, the readying of bowls and buckets for frozen rabbit bottles and chicken drinks. I love this time of year. I also realize that I am especially appreciating it because of that time away.  To truly love your home you need to leave it sometimes. I have a long list of winter projects. My Etsy storeIMG_4707 has reopened and I have many more treats to list there as time allows, the podcast will start anew this winter (I needed to be settled in my schedule, but I know there are many who have been waiting), I am still taking various herbal classes, I have writings that are calling me, I am beginning to plan classes for late spring as the Chicken Coop should be complete by that time (and it is so beautiful!). I have a sweater on the needles for me and a baby coming at the restaurant that will need one too:) None of these activities has me stressed or nervous or agitated. I am just calmly listing them for myself and to let you know what I'm up to.

Right now I am looking forward to some volunteer work on the mountain and donations to hand out in town, craft time with my family and our annual Champagne lunch with friends on Solstice this year. Christmas will be hosted by our son and his wife for the first time. I'm thrilled to help them start a new tradition in their young marriage. I'm spending less and less time listening to the news. Although I do make sure I know what is happening in the big picture. The killing of the soul is in the details repeated over and over.

Yesterday was the last new moon (a time to set new intention) of the year. It brought a calm over me that I hope to carry as the energy now builds towards a full moon on Christmas (a time of fulfillment). This year I have felt in line with the seasons even as I was going and going. I look forward to 2016 with no major trips, but many small ones in our sweet ole Lil. Continuing last year's tradition of choosing a word for the new year (Build was so perfect this year) I am thinking Flow will take me through the turning of the wheel that is the changing of seasons and the flow of life ever moving.