Season Shift

Last night (which began at 4:36p) my husband and I quietly celebrated Solstice. We toasted, we ate beautiful food IMG_4729 including using the last of the porcini broth with our goose broth for a lovely mushroom risotto IMG_4730 I love having a wide variety of broths on hand at all times. There were tiny little birds involved as well:) We lit candles IMG_4716 We paused

The whole day had a different feel to it. As I walked around to check on animals, both in the morning and evening, I felt I was walking the wheel of the year. There is never a stop to begin anew. After a pause the season, life, time continues to creep forward.

We have now entered the deep season of Winter and while I feel comfort in the quiet chill of this season I also face forward ready to welcome the coming light. Each day now will be a little lighter...a bit more daylight to lead us towards the next season. Most don't live the ideals of an Agrarian system any longer, but I find that living within the seasonal flow takes you out of the mayhem and stress that can define this time of year. I awoke early this morning realizing I have been doing a lot of crafting, but not a lot of wrapping or deciding who gets what. And then I paused. I laid in bed and listened to the wind, to the roosters, to the trees. When I got up I had lost the stress of what needs to be done this morning before I leave for work. I read lovely messages I'd received over night through email, Instagram, my Etsy store. I began my list of matching people to gifts. Again I paused, looked outside and breathed deeply with a smile at my lips.

And that is what I want to share with you...pause, look around, breathe, smile. We each celebrate a reason for the season. Whether yours is religious, family or community based, seasonally based... stop and give gratitude for where you are, what beauty you have in your life. Smile:)

Solstice Blessings to you and yours.