And just like that...I woke to the sun coming up over Hunchback mountain, a clear blue sky awaiting. Yesterday I could only speak of dreary cold rain. Today, it is chilly, but oh the sun on my head brings such a large smile to my face. I did a lot of moving of my yarns and spinning fiber to the studio. The Chicken Coop is almost open for visitors. Still a few things to windows. All the wool is perfectly protected in clear plastic bins and now I can see what is where (I've been looking for that baby Llama fleece forever!). It felt good to move the first phase into the studio. I worked and nibbled in the garden today as well. It felt great to get Chickweed and Miner's Clover inside my belly to clean up my stagnant winter blood, giving me energy for all the weeding and garden chores in my future. The Sweet Violets are still blooming and the flowering Cherry is going to pop if this beautiful weather continues.

IMG_4940The March Collection is now available in the Etsy shop. This one is designed to nourish and cleanse the organs as they move into this new season. We tend to be a bit quieter in the winter. As spring approaches with more outdoor activity plants begin to bloom that are our allies for cleansing the blood, nourishing our livers (time to let go of heavier diets), and put a pep in our step (as well as our tongues). This collection contains a drinking vinegar full of spring greens and a bit of raw honey (just a touch to make this a refreshing tonic over sparkling water), a tincture to nourish and awake sluggish organs, a beautiful green tea blended with herbs and Rose petals (I know the winter doldrums have not gone far), finally an infused oil to invigorate healthy breast tissue.

There are descriptions at the listing, but within the next couple of days I'll also be sharing longer descriptions of the health benefits of these spring herbs. Plus a recipe or two. Are you signed up?