Roses and Resin

IMG_5148 Two healing agents that are so needed right now. Rose is a calming and cooling plant. Just by smelling it I feel relaxation wash over me. An Elixir aids in healing grief, a Flower Essence helps us move with compassion in the world. Much of the Middle East uses Rose Water in their cooking for those cooling elements. Rose is a heart opening plant. An open heart can leave one vulnerable, but also help us live a more expansive life. Can open us to a wide world of opportunities, alliances and  friendships. I am creating a collection of products that showcase this beautiful healer. There are so many ways to use Rose, both the wild and domestic. It's actually beenhard to narrow it down. And the resin-the dried sap of evergreen trees is such a wonderful healing substance. It is the medicine the trees have used to heal themselves. As they are finished they drop these hardened nodules to the ground where we can then find them and use them for our own healing. I have a jar of Ponderosa Pine resin that I just love to smell. I use pine resin in salves as it is wonderfully healing to the skin. I am creating a collection of products right now that use every part of the pine tree. The young needles are full of Vitamin C and all parts of the tree have anti-bacterial qualities.

On this Summer Solstice day I celebrate with these beautiful plants. It's the first day of summer and a full moon to boot! Lots of magic in the air. Get outside! Make a plan for your summer wanderings. What plants will you make friends with, seek out, learn from, research? I have several new offerings that will slowly be added into the Etsy Shop. Spring was a time where I needed to put my head down and work, both in the restaurant and here at the house. Where Spring is about growth, Summer is about blooming and adventuring. There will be several collections added to the shop this summer that celebrate a single plant. As I am still working in town there will not be any classes in the new Chicken Coop this season. I am hoping for a big Autumn open house (the time of harvest). This summer will be about slowly adding as I have time to take photos and list new items. The shelves are stocked however. If there is something you are looking for just drop me a line.

What wonderful adventures fill your head and heart as we enter the warm season?